Is My Life Going To Change Completely When I Get Sober?

The simple answer is yes. The complicated answer is yes. Addiction is disease, a mental health disorder which permeates all areas of life. As a result, recovery has to permeate all areas of life. In every way that your life was changed because of your addiction to drugs and alcohol, your life is going to be changed in recovery.

You’re going to have more energy for life

Drugs and alcohol drag your natural energy and exuberance in life down to low levels. Recovery is a high energy experience, even on days when you aren’t feeling your best. Compared to the energy you had during the last days of your addiction, the way you experience life in recovery is welcome. It takes time for the body to heal completely from addiction. Once it does, you won’t be able to help but notice the many ways in which you have more energy for life and living. You’ll be able to live with more enthusiasm, feeling completely empowered by your sobriety. When you wake up without cravings, physical symptoms of withdrawal, or a hangover, you have more opportunities in a day than you can recognize right now. Great things are coming in recovery. Thankfully, you’ll have the energy to meet them.

You’re going to have more opportunities because you’re sober

Recovery is a worldwide network. At first, it is easy to get lost in the fear that you’ll never make friends, never enjoy a job, and never be able to do anything in life the same way because you’re sober. While it is true that you won’t be drinking when you go to social networking events, you also won’t have to worry about controlling your drinking or what you do when you cannot control your drinking. You’ll also realize overtime that recovery is full of interesting people, including famous celebrities, business owners, artists, and others. Recovery is a worldwide network of people unlike any other. In recovery, you can always count on the fact that someone is going to know exactly who you are. They may not know the details of your life or the specifics of your experience of addiction. However, people in recovery have all suffered from addiction. They’ve all been through the pain of getting clean. They’ve all learned how to stay sober. That experience is special and it’s only one you gain by staying in recovery.

Recovery is a second chance at life. Your life’s worth living, clean and sober. Cottonwood Tucson wants to help you live your best life possible with the tools of recovery at our disposable. Our treatment programs are designed to bring an integrative approach to recovery, seeking to heal the mind, body, and spirit. For information on our internationally recognized co-occurring disorders, call us today at (888) 727-0441.

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