How Effective Is Addiction Treatment?

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How Effective is Addiction Treatment?

Substance abuse is a constant struggle and we cannot fight it by ourselves. There are many different modes of treatment that work differently for others. In order to have a successful recovery, it is important to follow treatment plans and to stick with it as serious as you would a physical injury.

What is addiction treatment?

Addiction treatment is a long-term process that will help stop an addict from their compulsive drug use. This involves multiple interventions and monitoring health.

How effective is addiction treatment?

If you go to drug addiction treatment for an extended period of time and continue doing what you learned, you will control your cravings, decrease criminal activity, and improve your life. The effectiveness of treatment will depend on how long you are in treatment, the severity of your problems, the appropriateness of the treatment, and the quality of interaction between you and your therapist. If relapse occurs, treatment would not be to blame but it can be that particular form of treatment needs to be adjusted or changed completely.

How long does addiction treatment last?

Treatment is recommended for at least ninety days. Addiction should be taken as seriously as a chronic disease as it needs continued care and support.

What are different levels of care?

There is hospital care where detoxification and psychiatric medications are given. Substance abuse rehabilitation programs get patients involved in individualized and group therapy, 12 Step programs, recreational, and occupational therapy. Partial Hospitalization and Outpatient Programs do not require patients to live on their facilities but to commit to several hours or a full day where you can learn coping skills, social skills, a consultation with a therapist, and drug screenings which are good for those who cannot be away from home or work. Residential Centers and Halfway Houses require you to live in the facilities in an environment away from triggers that encourages sobriety and attending meetings.

Can you be addicted to medications that doctors give you?

Yes. People tend to abuse prescription drugs like opioids and benzodiazepines when they take a dose higher than recommended. To minimize the risk of addiction, a doctor needs to screen patients for substance abuse problems and look into the patient’s family history before prescribing drugs. They also need to educate patients about the addictive qualities that prescription medications hold and to listen to the doctor’s instructions.

What are alternative methods of therapy?

There are expressive therapies that allow you to unleash your creativity to discuss your underlying problems through art, music, or dance. There is also experiential therapy to address your underlying problems through taking care of horses, role playing, props, guided imagery, and other tools and activities.

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