How Do I Know If I’m In an Unhealthy Relationship?

We want to believe the best about our partners, friends, family members, and anyone else we form a relationship with. Our relationships aren’t always healthy. If you are concerned your relationships isn’t as healthy as it needs to be, see if you identify with ay of these signs.

  • Your relationship doesn’t have a status: You haven’t moved out of the dating phase only because you can’t seem to have a conversation on what your relationship actually means to your partner. If you’ve had the chance to meet other people in your partner’s life, you’ve been addressed by first name only, without a title. Today, modern love presents complicated challenges when it comes to titles and relationship statuses. Naming and identifying a relationship is an important step toward building something sustainable. If your partner is unwilling to identify a relationship status it could mean they aren’t committed or have deeper underlying issues with intimacy which could affect the relationship later on.
  • Your relationship is wearing on your self-esteem: Relationships are learning opportunities to identify the worst and best part of ourselves then work on that continuously. A relationship should bring out more of the best rather than the worst of who you are. When your relationship starts wearing on your self-esteem it is a sign that the circumstances of the relationship are unhealthy and bringing out the worst- compromising how you feel about yourself.
  • Your relationship is one-sided: Relationships are about balance. Each partner gives and each partner takes. Love is given and love is received. Responsibilities are shared. In unhealthy relationships, this balance becomes one-sided. You might do more, communicate more, give more, and feel more, where your partner does not. If you feel that you are giving more than someone else is in a relationship it could mean they aren’t interested in contributing, which could be for many toxic reasons.
  • Your relationship gives causes you stress: Obsessing about a relationship can be a sign of personal dysfunction or codependency or it can mean you are being caused stress by your relationships. All relationships go through periods of trial and tribulation in which one or both partners feels significantly stressed. Ongoing symptoms of stress which worsen over time is a sign that something is wrong in the relationship and needs to be examined.
  • Your relationship frightens you: Relationships can be scary in different ways. Vulnerability and intimacy can be intimidating. Trusting and gaining closeness can be exhilarating. Being afraid of someone and their actions or behaviors is not healthy. If you are feeling fearful or afraid of your relationship for any reason, it is important to seek professional help as soon as possible.

You can have healthy relationships in recovery. Through treatment and therapy you can learn to healthy ways to bond with other people and form relationships. Cottonwood Tucson is a recognized treatment center for providing excellence in clinical are of dual diagnosis issues including mental health behavioral, compulsive, and substance use disorders. For information, call us today at (888) 727-0441.

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