Have You Assessed Your Values Lately?

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Have You Assessed Your Values Lately?

Have You Assessed Your Values Lately?

At some point during the recovery process, you will need to assess their values and incorporate those values that support recovery. These values should oppose the addiction. You might have little in terms of a value system. This does not necessarily mean that you have no values, it simply means your value system was dormant during your addiction. During recovery, you can relearn how to incorporate their dormant values back into your life to once again find a sense of yourself. The following are some values for you to consider.

1. Self-control. The value of self-control does not mean that you have control over your addiction. Self-control means that you are able to regulate your behavior in such a way as to deny yourself that drink or that drug because it is best for you. You simply will not tolerate engaging in addictive behavior and you do not tolerate this behavior in others close to you.

2. Accomplishments and competence. You should value accomplishments and competence as a way to sidetrack relapse and strengthen recovery efforts. He who values accomplishments and competence has a greater ability to master life skills and to look towards their future.

3. Self-consciousness and awareness of the environment. During an addiction, it is likely that the addict avoided painful experiences by not being consciously aware of their environment. Drugs and alcohol are used to evade the pain of consciousness. You should value awareness and learn to be conscious of what is going on around them.

4. Health. Addicts typically do not value health. There is no value in ingesting harmful substances and telling an addict this, does not have much merit. Those in recovery who value health are more likely to not engage in physically or emotionally destructive behavior.

5. Self-esteem. If a person values self-esteem, then they can reduce the need to engage in addictive behavior that destroys one’s self-esteem. If you begin to believe that you have worth, you are less likely to engage in addictive behavior.

6. Relationships. Relationships with others, our communities, and society should be a value with recovering addicts. Most addicts are antisocial and prefer activities that promote isolation or being with like addicts. The addict in recovery needs to learn to value relationships with others and communities. The “others” in the addict’s life will support the recovering addict and the community can provide support as well.

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