Finding a Job After Rehab

Finding a Job After Rehab

Finding a Job After Rehab

You may think that no company will want to hire someone with a substance or alcohol abuse past but the truth is that it is possible to find employment after rehab. It is hard for everyone who is unemployed to find work. It is important to seek help from your drug counselor and to re-work your resume in order to do work that makes you happy.

There are plenty of challenges when it comes to looking for work after rehab such as a gap in employment history, worrying about discrimination, and not sure whether or not to reveal your past. Remember that you are not required to tell employers about your past but if you have a criminal record as a result of your substance abuse, do not lie as they will find out about it. If you feel the need to tell the person interviewing you about your past, let them know that your employment gap was a result of going to rehab to better beat your addiction. They will see that if you can fight your addiction, you have perseverance and determination.

A new job will give you a new sense of purpose and responsibility as people will be counting on you to get the job done. Make sure on your resume that you mention your past job experience as well as your highest level of education. To better decide what kind of job you want, ask yourself what you liked about your last job and what you did not like so that you know what to look for. Also think about what skills you have and what you see yourself doing. Read the description carefully so that you know what you are getting into. Instead of doing stressful jobs with surprising deadlines, pick jobs that involve routines so that you know exactly what your responsibilities are each shift.

Maintain a professional image by dressing in business attire and being neatly groomed. Make a good impression by being nice to your co-workers and showing up at company events. Always offer to help out in any way you can. It is important to keep attending counselling or support groups in case any stressful situations come your way. If you still need help finding work, talk to your addiction counselor about cleaning up your resume and finding the best jobs to pursue where you will not be under any stress.

Located on the Arizona desert, Cottonwood’s dual diagnosis program will prevent patients from relapsing after drug and alcohol treatment. The Cottonwood Assessment plan is a four day inpatient assessment program providing a comprehensive evaluation that will focus on the specific needs of the individual. For more information, call us today at (888) 727-0441.

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