Exploring Your Treatment Options

Exploring Your Treatment Options

Exploring Your Treatment Options

An addiction to a substance or a behavior is an overwhelming experience.  You may have spent months or years in the addiction cycle of seeking the drug or behavior, using and engaging in the drug or behavior, and then felt shame or guilt for the engagement, only to start the cycle over again.  It is crazy making at its best.  You have decided at some point that you no longer want to live this type of crazy life, so you think about your treatment options.  Keep in mind the following when considering your options.

Everyone is different in their addiction and everyone is different in determining a treatment plan.  No single treatment works for everyone; therefore, you will need to discover what works for you.  Treatment should be customized for you and your unique situation.  There are many programs that can provide treatment, but you will need to decide what your treatment looks like.  Could you enter an inpatient program for 30 days or more?  Do you have personal responsibilities that need consideration such as work or school?  Ask yourself what you can reasonably commit to in terms of time.  If you find that you cannot commit to an inpatient treatment program, can you attend 12-step meetings?  There are usually meetings on most days and they are offered throughout the day.  Could you schedule an appointment with a mental health professional?  Generally, an individual counselor can schedule an appointment with you and you can review further treatment considerations.

One other consideration for treatment is how your substance abuse has affected you in terms of work, family, health, and psychological well-being.  Any treatment that you review should include how these other issues are addressed.  Recovery is an integrative path of healing, which means that not only should your addiction be treated, but also the other areas of your life that may have turned you to addiction in the first place.

Treatment for an addiction is not something that happens overnight.  It is a process of healing that takes time.  You will need to consider your level of commitment and understand that recovery is a lifelong endeavor.  Your success in recovery will depend on your commitment to changing your life for the better.

There are many places you can turn to for help.  Not all who seek help will need to enter detox or have an extended stay in rehab.  Your age, history or drug use, and co-occurring issues if any, will need to be taken into consideration.
If you are considering treatment for your addiction, please call Cottonwood Tucson: (888) 727-0441.  They can speak with you about options for treatment.  Take the first step and call today.


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