Do You Have An Addiction to Social Media?

Do You Have An Addiction to Social Media?

Do You Have An Addiction to Social Media?

Today it is rare to see a person without a phone, iPad, or computer nearby.  Thirty years ago, there was no such thing as texting, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even an Internet connection.  Now, most homes have an Internet connection and some have multiple forms of communication and even multiple devices.  With this increase in connection to the world wide web, many people are finding it challenging to avoid social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

It may seem normal to visit these sites to catch up with friends or family or to see what is going on in the world.  For some, the ability to stay away from such sites or to use them responsibly has grown exponentially.  While not yet recognized by the psychiatric community as a diagnosable disorder, it may in the future.

Here are some signs that you might be addicted to social media;

1.You take your phone everywhere and use it everywhere.  During dinner or at parties, your phone is physically with you at all times.  Some people do take their phones with them when they leave the house; however, most people have their phones with them to make calls if needed or if an emergency arises.  The issue is that you take your phone with you so you can constantly check social media sites.
2.You check social media sites the instant you wake up.  You probably have your phone next to your bed when you go to sleep so it is there when you wake up.
3.You ignore your family or friends unless they like your tweets or your Facebook posts.
4.You operate your vehicle while checking Facebook.
5. Your conversations with others are centered around who said what on Facebook or who tweeted that day.
6. Your use of social media is interfering with your activities of daily living.  You may even check social media sites so often at work or at school that it is interfering with productivity.
7.Your emotions are tied to whether someone “likes” your posts.
8.You become restless when you cannot check Facebook or Instagram for extended periods of time.
9.Your personal relationships are getting in the way of your access to social media sites.  Maybe your spouse or significant other would like you to put your phone away and spend some time with them.  You find that it is difficult to do this and anxiously await when you can.
10.You are preoccupied with using social media to the extent that you cannot think about anything else when you are not using it.  

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