A Call for Specific Details on Drug Overdoses

The prescription drug epidemic and subsequent heroin scourge has crippled millions of Americans, and led to thousands of premature deaths. It may seem that when a person dies of a heroin overdose the death certificate would reflect that cause. However, figuring out how many people die of heroin overdoses is not easy, due to the...
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The Price of Naloxone Has Doubled

In the throes of a prescription opioid epidemic and scourge of heroin use, American officials are becoming more and more convinced of the need for greater access to the life saving drug naloxone. Naloxone, if administered in time, has the power to reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. In the recent past, a number...
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Rise In Prescription Opiate Use

The prescription drug epidemic in this country continues to get worse, with more and more people being prescribed powerful narcotics that more often than not, end up in the wrong hands. Overdose deaths and armed robberies are on the rise according to a new analysis by the Associated Press. The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) new...
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