alcohol poisoning

Parents Meet PALCOHOL ~ Just Add Water!

Fda (Photo credit: Wikipedia) PALCOHOL – AKA Powdered Alcohol We want to take just a few minutes today to introduce our readers to PALCOHOL, short for powdered alcohol. Yes, we said powdered. PALCOHOL comes in a one ounce 4 X 6 inch package and according to the latest news on March 10, 2015, PALCOHOL received...
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Alcohol Poisoning Deaths In the United States Reach Six Per Day

Signs of alcohol poisoning (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Did you notice the headline on alcohol poisoning? If you didn’t notice the January 6, 2015, headline “alcohol poisoning kills six Americans every day,”  then there is a good chance you will still catch one of these headlines, as more and more news outlets are continuing to report...
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