Parents: Be Aware Of “Benzo Fury,” It Has Unknown Risks

English: Structure of 5-APB
English: Structure of 5-APB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

New party drug “Benzo Fury” available over the internet

This week we learned of a new party drug “benzo fury.” It is apparently available over the internet and is often used by young people in both Great Britain and the United States. Scientists are reporting that it has unknown risks both because of its stimulant and hallucinogenic effects.

Experts present the results of recent study

Doctor Jolanta Opacka-Juffry of Britain’s University of Roehampton led the study and presented the study’s results at a British Neuroscience Association conference in London. People buy the drug over the Internet or at events like music festivals or at clubs. Each pill cost about $15.

“Benzo Fury” is known as 5-APB. It behaves like amphetamine and also like a hallucinogen, so it offers addictive potential and can affect brain receptors of the hormone serotonin. According to a report on Fox News, Opacka-Juffry provided the following observation:

“Pure hallucinogens are not addictive as such because they do not cause an increase in dopamine release, unlike amphetamine or cocaine,” she said. “But Benzo Fury with its mixed properties is a trap as its repetitive use for the hallucinogenic effects could lead to dependence.”

Why are drugs like “Benzo Fury” so popular?

  • People using “Benzo Fury” see it as safer than illegal counterparts
  • Many people who enjoy ‘mind altering’ hallucinogens are attracted to “benzo fury”, but they are not aware of its mixed properties

 Again, parents should be aware of party drugs, their addictive properties and purchases that their children may be making over the Internet.


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