What Are 8 Things I Probably Do Not Know About Addiction?

8 Things You Probably Did Not Know About Addiction

What are 8 Things I Probably Do Not Know About Addiction?

  1. People do not choose addiction. It may have been a choice to take that first drink or that first hit but no one predicts that they will become addicted to the substance. There are genetic factors that risk addiction as well as environmental factors like family and peer pressure. Co-occurring mental illnesses could be the partial cause to addiction as well which should be diagnosed during treatment.
  2. Addiction cannot be cured. Addiction is a chronic disease such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease where it can be managed but it will never go away completely. Addiction is also progressive in that if nothing is done about it, it will get worse to the point of fatal. Recovery is a lifelong process.
  3. Addiction to prescription drugs is no different than addiction to hard drugs. Prescription drugs are safe to use when they are prescribed but they are not safer when taking larger than prescribed doses. They can affect the same way as illegal drugs and require help. Luckily, nearly every drug program offers prescription drug addiction treatment.
  4. Addiction can happen to anyone. Addiction can affect people of every demographic anywhere in the world. Gender, ethnic background, race, and financial status makes no difference.
  5. It is common to be addicted to more than one drug. It is not true that an addict only takes one drug and is fully satisfied. Polysubstance abuse is abusing multiple classes of drugs. Speedballing is the combination of cocaine and heroin. Some abuse alcohol to fight against the unpleasant effects that drugs can bring.
  6. Addicts are not alone. Drugs tend to make addicts isolate themselves from other people thinking they are alone in their struggles and are not worthy. Help is available everywhere as there are thousands of rehab programs as well as 12 Step programs, alternative therapies, and support from your family and friends.
  7. Anyone can be addicted to anything. Addiction does not just fall under drugs and alcohol. Anytime you do something compulsively and do not mind the negative consequences is an addiction. There are behavioral addictions such as being addicted to the internet, sex, food, video games, shopping, cigarettes, gambling, and hoarding.
  8. Recovery requires making major life changes. In order to stay sober, it is important to stay away from the people, places, and things that can cause a relapse. It means picking new people to hang around and new hangouts to go to.
Located on the Arizona desert, Cottonwood’s dual diagnosis program will prevent patients from relapsing after drug and alcohol treatment. The Cottonwood Assessment plan is a four day inpatient assessment program providing a comprehensive evaluation that will focus on the specific needs of the individual. For more information, call us today at (888) 727-0441.

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