5 Health Benefits For Mind, Body, and Spirit, When You Get Sober


You might not believe that quitting drugs and alcohol is going to make you feel any better than you do now, struggling in your active addiction. Here are some of the ways you are going to benefit in your health when you get sober:


  1. Your body is clean and healthy: Drugs and alcohol damage the body. The heavy amount of toxicity which comes from regularly abusing drugs and alcohol wears down the body and leaves toxins floating around which can cause ongoing problems. Once you stop abusing drugs and alcohol, you stop introducing these harmful toxins to the body. Your body has a chance to detox and heal. Through healing holistic treatments, diet, and regular exercise, your body gets increasingly healthy- oftentimes the healthiest it has ever been.
  2. Your brain is clean and healthy: Drugs and alcohol also damage the brain. In extreme cases, long term substance abuse can lead to long term complications in the brain which need medical attention. For most people mental health is improved considerably. You think clearer, retain more information, have creativity, and don’t forget things as often.
  3. You have more energy to do more of the things you want in life: Life Is Better when you aren’t hungover, sick from using, or sick from not using. With all the extra energy at hand, you have the ability to do more of the things you want to do in life without getting sick or needing to use substances, and then get sick afterward.
  4. You get to rebuild relationships and form new meaningful ones: Recovery gives you the opportunity to make amends, work on relationships, and create peace where there is none. Many relationships heal when the influence of drugs and alcohol are taken out of the picture. In recovery, you will meet new people who have similar life stories to yours and with them you can form new meaningful relationships based on recovery rather than drinking and using.
  5. You look better: People aren’t always aware of just how unhealthy they look when they are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Within just a few weeks you’ll notice that your skin complexion clears, your eyes gain more clarity, and you generally look healthier. You’ll have a healthy glow, your hair quality will improve, and as you take care of your health, you look as good as you feel or better.
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