12-Step Meeting Participation

at Cottonwood Tucson

12-Step History

In 1935, Bill Wilson (Bill W.) and Dr. Robert Smith ( Dr. Bob) founded Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) in order to offer support for those who battled with alcoholism using a 12-step philosophy of recovery. Some of the early ideas for AA were adopted from the Oxford Group, which offered participants a more religious-based view of alcoholism and recovery. Since its founding in 1935, AA has offered help and hope to many people struggling with the disease of alcoholism. In 1951, Al-Anon and Alateen were formed in order to provide hope and healing for spouses and children of alcoholics. Other 12-step groups have formed in the wake of the international success of AA. Some of these groups include Cocaine Anonymous, Debtors Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Codependents Anonymous.

Recovery Support

At Cottonwood patients are encouraged to attend 12-step meetings in order to support overall recovery from addictive processes such as substance use disorders, eating disorders, compulsive gambling or destructive relationship patterns. Cottonwood offers individuals the opportunity to attend 12-step meetings on our campus as well as in the community. Community based 12-step meetings allow individuals to gain the confidence and experience of accessing this valuable resource in a format that might replicate those meetings in their own home environment. Individuals learn how to obtain sponsorship and how to share within the structure of a 12-step meeting. This provides them with the foundation to comfortably access similar meetings as part of their aftercare plan.

The 12 Steps at Cottonwood Tucson

Cottonwood also provides prospects for individuals to process 12-step recovery material in group and individual therapy sessions. Those who struggle with addictive behavior patterns are able to gain a deeper understanding of the crucial aspects of recovery from a 12-step perspective.

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