What If I Drink Only on the Weekends

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What If I Drink Only On the Weekends

What If I Drink Only on the Weekends

Some people may only use drugs or alcohol during special occasions or on the weekends and ask if they need treatment for an addiction. There are some questions you can ask yourself to determine if treatment is needed.

Do you think about drugs or alcohol when not using? Addicts will think about using when not engaged in the behavior. These thoughts can be intrusive and not allow you to think about much else. Ask yourself, how much do I think about using drugs or alcohol on a daily or weekly basis.

If you find yourself ignoring other responsibilities such as work, school, or family obligations, you might have a problem. Addicts ignore all areas of their life except for getting and using drugs or alcohol. Even if you drink on occasion, you may experience problems with relationships. Maybe you argue more with loved ones or have issues with your spouse or partner because of your drinking or using drugs.

Addicts will isolate themselves from others. Are you finding that you prefer to drink or use drugs when by yourself? Are you declining social engagements because you would rather do other drug or alcohol related things?

You may only drink on the weekends or during social occasions; however, are you drinking or using more to achieve the same result during these events?

Financial problems can indicate an addiction especially if money is being spent on drugs and alcohol that should be used for other expenditures. Are you using your housing payment to buy alcohol or drugs?

Over time you may start to hide your drug and drinking related behaviors. Many addicts spend a lot of time in addiction-seeking behaviors. These behaviors include buying the substance, using the substance, and hiding it from others once you have it.

If you decide to stop drinking or using drugs, what happens to you physically and emotionally if you do? Do you experience the symptoms of withdrawal such as tremors, anxiety, depression, or other physical problems? Have you started lying about your behavior? Are you considering cheating or stealing to get money to buy drugs or alcohol?

Even if a person drinks on the weekends or engages in drug use socially, this does not rule out the possibility of an addiction. Not every person who is an addict uses every day. The questions above are ones that you can ask yourself to take a good look at your alcohol and drug use.

If you find that you may need some additional help, please contact Cottonwood Tucson: (888) 727-0441.  There are individuals who can assess your behaviors and get you the help you need.

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