The Many Health Benefits Of Practicing Thai Chi

Tai Chi is actually an exercise that burns calories and can help with weight management. Though many people see Tai Chi as just a series of slow movements, it is actually an exercise as well as a form of martial arts practice. Focusing on maintaining certain physical stances, movements, as well as muscle control. Practicing Tai Chi actually provides a full body workout which can help with weight management while also providing the many different benefits that exercise of any kind provides. For example, Tai Chi has been proven to be effective in reducing high blood pressure and inflammation, which reduces the risk of heart disease in addition to many different diseases which are caused by inflammation. By reducing inflammation, Tai Chi also helps to alleviate muscle and joint pain. Inflammation has been increasingly connected to mental health conditions including substance use disorders. Heart complications, muscular atrophy, and achy joints are all common symptoms of long term substance abuse. Alcoholism and drug addiction alike can create a long list of physical complications which result from consistently abusing the body with harmful substances.

Mindfulness and focus are two core components of Tai Chi. Moving through the various sequences includes paying attention to the body and the breath. Mindfulness exercises have been repeatedly proven as successful in significantly reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression as well as stress. In various studies, Tai Chi has been proven to benefit mental health, reduce anxiety, and increase focus. Focus and the ability to put the mind to tasks is a challenge for many people with substance use disorders. ADD and ADHD are common co-occurring disorders with substance use, but drug and alcohol addiction in general causes cognitive difficulty which can impair the ability to focus.

Lastly, Tai Chi improves the functioning of the nervous system. All substances fall into one of two categories: central nervous system depressant or central nervous system stimulant. Drugs and alcohol abused at high quantities damage the central nervous system and complicate the many ways the central nervous system interacts with the body and the mind. Tai Chi is a relaxing and restorative practice which helps recreate balance while healing the body.

As part of our integrative approach to the treatment of co-occurring disorders, we utilize the practice of Tai Chi to help heal mind, body, and spirit. Cottonwood Tucson provides renown treatment programs for men and women struggling with substance use and dual diagnosis issues. For information on our residential treatment programs and recovery services call us today: (888) 727-0441

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