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Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

When people seek treatment for co-occurring disorders such as addiction, depression, anxiety, or trauma, they have often lost so many things, including the ability to have fun, laugh, be spontaneous or playful. Many individuals have experienced health consequences because of their struggles and require a focused effort to restore health and wellness as part of their recovery plan. Depression or anxiety may also be a barrier to truly enjoying life.

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Recreation Therapy at Cottonwood

While talk therapy is an integral component of treatment at Cottonwood, we also recognize that people learn and gain insight from less traditional forms of therapy. Patients benefit from opportunities to engage in recreational activities that build confidence, develop more effective coping strategies, and integrate skills learned at Cottonwood into a recovery lifestyle. Patients enjoy groups and activities that facilitate movement, exercise, and interpersonal challenges. These groups also provide a format to facilitate discussion and awareness about interpersonal relationships, attitudes, or beliefs that may not otherwise be explored. Recreation therapy groups are facilitated by a Master-level licensed Recreation Therapist.

Cottonwood Tucson provides many therapeutic recreation activities to enhance the treatment process for patients. Some of these groups include a low ropes course, cardio-kickboxing, indoor rock climbing experiences, scavenger hunts, community game tournaments, swimming, weekly community outings, hikes, and recreation education. These groups are offered throughout the week, providing a balanced focused to support the recovery of the whole person. Patients are encouraged to explore ways to integrate recreation into their recovery plan when they return home and recreation recommendations and resources are provided as part of an individual’s discharge plan.

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