Methamphetamine use in America continues to be a growing concern especially regarding teenage users. There have been a number of organizations that have aimed their focus on giving methamphetamine a bad name, showing the true colors of the drug and what it can do to you.

One such program is called The Meth Project, a prevention program whose goal is to reduce teenage methamphetamine use. The Associated Press reports that The Meth Project has expanded its reach, starting an online resource and a social media campaign.

According to the Associated Press, the campaign’s website,, offers an inside look at meth use, providing information that will help answers teens’ most frequently asked questions about the drug’s effects.

The Meth Project uses:

  • videos
  • animation
  • polls
  • quizzes
  • personal stories from meth users, family, and friends

The program will advertise on TV, radio and print publications, as well as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

“The Meth Project has been remarkably effective in reducing meth use through its research-based prevention campaigns,” Dr. Kevin Kunz, President of the American Board of Addiction Medicine, said in a news release. “The data clearly demonstrates that if teens understand the risks of meth use, they will make better informed decisions, and usage declines. Until now, there has not been a central place where teens could get all the facts about methamphetamine. fills that gap and is a definitive source of information about meth for young people.”

You can view a video below made by The Meth Project for the Montana Meth Project:

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