How Do I Celebrate My Sobriety?

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How to Celebrate Your Sobriety

How Do I Celebrate My Sobriety?

Your sobriety is definitely a reason to celebrate. There may have been a time when you thought you could not overcome the influence of addiction. By celebrating how far you have come, you are proving to your loved ones and yourself that you have won the war against addiction.

There are many sobriety milestones in Alcoholics Anonymous that each recovering alcohol goes through. In their 24 hours of being sober, a recovering addict has been opened to new experiences and entered rehab, with their reward being a white chip given at Alcoholics Anonymous. In thirty days, a recovering addict has tackled the tough symptoms of withdrawal, being awarded a silver chip. After two months, they are back at home, making significant changes in their life, and trying to avoid the triggers that surround them, being awarded a dark gold chip.

In three and a half months, addicts are fulfilling their responsibilities while living in sobriety. Their triggers and past influences should be removed from their life and rewarded with a yellow chip. After nine months, recovering addicts are given a green chip and one year later, they are given a blue chip as a way of being rewarded for beating their addiction.

There are a number of ways to celebrate your sobriety milestones without having to indulge in alcohol or drugs. You can plan a simple picnic in a local park with family and friends or spend the weekend at a resort or cabin. Make sure to let your friends know how serious you are about maintaining sobriety by letting them know you do not want to be tempted by alcohol or drugs as well as not wanting to be offered them. You can go to a fancy restaurant and call in advance to not offer drinks for the table and to remove the drink menu as well.

Going bowling is a great way to share some laughs and knock some pins with friends.You can call the bowling alley in advance and ask when their popular drinking hours are so you can avoid going during those times. In order to get your self-worth back, give back by volunteering at an animal shelter, giving back at a food bank, delivering flowers to hospital residents, etc. Any of these activities will show you that you are stronger than your addiction in finding more useful ways to feel good and happy.

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