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Family Involvement

At Cottonwood, individuals learn new ways of coping and interacting in recovery. They learn to manage depression, prevent relapse, reduce anxiety, and recognize triggers for PTSD. But this may not be enough to support recovery, because the recovery process not only involves the individual but their family as well. Without family intervention, many individuals will experience difficulty maintaining new behaviors as they struggle to reintegrate in the family system. Many families develop patterns of interaction as a way to cope with the difficult realities associated with the individual’s illness, such as controlling behavior, resentment, or rescuing behavior. If left untreated, these family dynamics can contribute to relapse for the individual and ongoing suffering for other members in the family system.

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Family Week at Cottonwood

Cottonwood offers a five-day, highly structured, intensive family program. Individuals are encouraged to invite family members who have a significant role in their day-to-day lives. Cottonwood’s family program provides a structured, compassionate setting in which families can learn about the recovery process and explore painful or complex dynamics and patterns of interaction. The multi-family group setting allows families to connect with other family members in a shared recovery experience.

This process allows families to develop insight and implement changes that provide a solid foundation for recovery for all family members. Individual family members are encouraged to share thoughts and feelings openly, enhancing communication and supporting honest dialogue within the family system. Family members also receive education about important recovery topics such as co-occurring disorders, addiction, nutrition, and trauma. Cottonwood also provides referrals for family members who may desire additional resources to support their own recovery.

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