Drumming: Honoring Your Internal Rhythms

As part of the InnerPath experience at Cottonwood Tucson,we drum. Yes, drum! We bring in a full sized West African djembe for each participant, and they play it. Not only do they play it, by the end of the session they are ‘jammin!’ So what does the drum have to do with the InnerPath process?

We know intuitively, and now research has shown, that drumming elevates immune levels, releases stress, and literally alters our brain waves to reflect a more centered, joyful, alert state. Drumming not only lifts spirits, it directly connects us to our internal rhythms, and our ability to honor those rhythms as we relate with others. The practice of drumming with others serves as a great metaphor for working in synergy and relationship in all areas of life – and it delivers a full dose of joy and laughter while centering the mind and calming the nervous system.

When we focus on this simultaneously meditative and energizing practice, we receive immediate benefits, relevant to our personal process and our healing journey. And even more importantly, it requires no previous musical experience whatsoever! No wonder the drum’s ancient medicine has been utilized cross culturally for centuries. The power of the beat, the energy of the rhythm, and the excitement of the community groove we create transforms lives, every time.

Kenya S. Masala is a national corporate development trainer and human development consultant, and co-director of Source Consulting Group.

Kenya is a dose of core invigoration for organizations and communities. With a charismatic style and effusive energy, he engages everyone in highly effective (and authentic) leadership and workplace development. He ushers groups through the hard work of growth and expanding excellence. Utilizing cutting edge kinesthetic modules, he inspires them to success.

Kenya facilitates trainings, leadership development programs, outdoor adventure excursions, and phenomenal percussion programs. He also designs and develops multimedia curricula and interactive presentations on a national level. He is a REMO endorsed recreational rhythm facilitator and one of the North American Drum Cafe facilitators. He has published his first book, “Rhythm Play!™” and released two first full-length albums, Soul Journey Groove and Spacious Time.

Kenya enthusiastically creates a highly effective learning context, authentically motivating individuals and groups towards excellence.

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