Happy New Year from Jana’s Corner! A new year full of possibilities. How exciting! Or daunting… What are you committed to in 2011? We’d love to hear from you and what you’re working on this year. Let us know if you need any help getting to where you want to be. Maybe you need to consider coming back for another InnerPath program, by yourself, with your spouse, and/or your family. Or you might need a therapist referral or some local resources. We’re always here for you.

In the Winter 2011 issue of InnerPath Footnotes, Rokelle Lerner writes about coping with the internal critical dialogue and developing a new year’s resolution to use affirmation in “Does the Noise in My Head Bother You?” Sounds like a great way to start the year to help you on your journey. Cottonwood Tucson trauma specialist Maggie Morton has contributed an article, titled “The Power of Compassion”, exploring how this is so necessary in healing from traumatic experiences and often lacking. We also have a delicious and healthy recipe from Chef Richard Serna, as well as some very useful nutritional information from our dietitian, Lisa MacDonald.

Enjoy and be well. Jana

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