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Costumed critters, Rosie (in her Santa cap) and Sweet Baby James (as Rudolph, antlers and all), stole the show this year at Cottonwood Tucson’s 20th Annual Holiday Decorating Contest. The much-loved donkeys are part of our Equine Therapy Program, and clients, alumni and staff had a great time including them in the festivities.

When they are not busy being the life of the party, Rosie and Sweet Baby James play an integral role in our equine assisted therapy, part of Cottonwood Tucson’s mental health services. These gentle creatures, along with our horses, help clients overcome fear, learn to let go of the past, and live in the moment. Clients work with them on the ground, guiding them in the round pen, over obstacles and through a labyrinth. In the course of this work, personal insight and trust emerge and a lasting bond is formed.

In fact, many former clients returned to visit the equines, and yes, to decorate them for this special occasion. Rosie and Sweet Baby James took the extra attention in stride and rewarded young and old alike with a twitch of the ear and a nuzzle from Rudolph’s red nose!

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