Cottonwood Tucson Honors Employees ~ The 2012 Hildreth Award and Stone Award Presented

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Cottonwood Tucson honors staff members

In case you are counting, Cottonwood Tucson’s blog has been published since June 2008. Over the past four years we have often shared posts about our staff members featuring profiles about them or referencing their published articles. We are proud of our team members, they are the essence of Cottonwood Tucson; therefore, each month we ask our employees to nominate individuals for recognition based on behavior that embodies customer service commitments, such as confidentiality, ethics and
personal ownership. This monthly award is The Cottonwood Employee Recognition Program. 

Cottonwood Tucson’s Annual Hildreth and Stone Awards

Cottonwood Tucson also has two annual awards to honor employees. In 1994 we created The Hildreth Award and in 2003 The Stone Award was instituted. On December 14, 2012, our staff gathered to announce and honor this year’s recipients for the Hildreth and Stone Awards.

Meet Cottonwood’s 2012 Hildreth Award recipient ~ Musomi McDowell

Musomi was hired at Cottonwood on January 28, 2000, as an as needed Mental Health Technician (now called Patient Care Facilitator). A few short months later, he became a core staff member working regularly scheduled hours. Within a year, Musomi was promoted to a level II Technician and eventually assumed the role of the Milieu Manager. Achieving success in these roles, Musomi was promoted into the Patient Advocate role where he addressed and resolved patient and community concerns. Realizing his potential, Musomi was once again promoted to a Marketing Representative. He has made great strides in this role and is now responsible for marketing in the northern Arizona and Nevada areas. In addition to marketing, Musomi is also responsible for coordinating and scheduling continuing education for counselors/therapists and other staff. He also ensures that Cottonwood is represented at national conferences and provides staff from Cottonwood as speakers for those conferences. Musomi also arranges all referent day events including initial registration, travel and lodging.

Musomi is results oriented; he’s a team player and displays consistent performance in all aspects of his position as Professional Staff Training Coordinator and Marketing Representative.

Congratulations to Musomi!

Meet Cottonwood’s 2012 Stone Award recipient ~ Peter Biava

Peter joined the Cottonwood clinical team as an Adolescent Program Coordinator and Therapist in December of 1998. As one of our licensed staff, Peter is the epitome of clinical excellence. He is a role model for other staff and makes great strides with clients assigned to his Primary Group. In past years, Peter has changed his focus from the adolescent population to the adult population and because he is so highly skilled, he transitioned exceptionally well into this role. Peter has an extraordinary way to connect with his clients and guide them towards recovery. Peter continually seeks continuing education training opportunities to build on and improve his clinical skills.

Peter is an asset to the Cottonwood team – we are fortunate to have someone of his caliber on our clinical staff.

Congratulations to Peter!

Our employees are our best ambassadors…

This year at Cottonwood Tucson we’ve been celebrating our 25th Anniversary and we recognize that since 1987 our staff has played a critical role in working with our patients. We are grateful to have been able to gather, from across the country and around the world, a group of uniquely talented individuals who have hundreds of years of combined experience in the treatment of behavioral health disorders.

Our employees are our best ambassadors! And as we move through this holiday season, we appreciate each and every employee; they work hard and share their enthusiasm with each other and with our clients and family members. 

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