The Cottonwood Tucson Experience

The Breakfast Club

We all come to Cottonwood Tucson for various reasons, bringing along all shapes and sizes of baggage; with the common denominator being the desire to get well. It is understood that some have a greater desire than others do. At Cottonwood, we are stripped bare and completely exposed in an environment that is safe and nurturing. It is because of the caring and sharing that goes on that amazing bonds are built while on campus. We have taken those bonds beyond the campus.

For the past two years, since our mutual time at Cottonwood Tucson we have stayed in close contact. The “Breakfast Club” began as a group that had early breakfast together on the upper patio. We come from all over the world and are bound by common Cottonwood experience. Each breakfast began with going around the table one by one, giving your three core feelings for the day, and answering a ten-question self-evaluation. We could then move on to having breakfast.

We continue our experience via email, through the marvels of modern technology. We try to check in as often as possible and each email begins with your three core feelings. This is the safest place on earth. You can share any information that you choose and feel comfortable. Knowing that you are going to get responses that come from love and caring. If someone is not contributing for any length of time they are checked up on and reminded that whatever reason they are not communicating does not matter, we want to hear from you. You will never be reprimanded for not writing whatever the reason. This is all done out of love.

The Breakfast Club has become a family. We visit each other, hold reunions, meet each other’s “real” families, and are as close as people can be. We owe this to Cottonwood and our own individual experience there. Cottonwood has introduced us, showed us how to open up and let in others with no judgment and develop the ability to share. Being able to share is a key force in each person’s recovery.

With all this said, we want to thank Cottonwood Tucson for giving each of us the knowledge and tools that brought the Breakfast Club together.

Ellen S., Cottonwood Tucson Alumni

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