Cottonwood Tucson Reaches Out To The Community Food Bank Southern Arizona

“…we change lives in the communities we serve by feeding the hungry today and building a healthy, hunger-free tomorrow.”

Meet the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona

This year, 2016, marks the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona’s 40th Anniversary. A 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation, founded in 1976, the “Food Bank:”

  • Provides food and food-related services throughout a 23,000 square-mile region of
    Southern Arizona including Pima, Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, and Santa
    Cruz counties.
  • Distributes over 63,000 meals a day to members of our community.
  • Receives support from over 300 local nonprofit agencies.
  • Assists over 225,000 people through its programs.

Simply put, the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona does great work and helps many, many, many people.

Cottonwood Tucson reaches out to be of service

It was just over three years ago that we published a blog post about Cottonwood Tucson’s commitment to community involvement. Cottonwood ultimately believes we can be, indeed must be responsible not only to the needs of our patients, but to the community and world in which we live. And so it was this past holiday season that we invited the Food Bank to place several donation boxes on our campus. And then our staff, in the giving spirit of the holiday, began to give and give. This week we heard from the Food Bank…

Some words from Hilary Beggs, Special Events Manager

Hilary Beggs, Special Events Manager of the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona reached out to Cottonwood Tucson this week to express appreciation for our holiday giving. She offered:

“…because of your gift of 198 pounds of food in the month of December 2015, Kaylee and her daughter – and so many like them – will sit down to enjoy a meal together. You’ve given her a great gift – the assurance that she is not alone, that people like you care, and everything will be okay. And sometimes, that is just what a person needs to forward through their most challenging times.”

As always, it is Cottonwood Tucson’s honor to actively pledge our efforts to work with local and regional projects…being part of the community.  


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