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I have talked before about the great staff we have at Cottonwood. Today I want to introduce you to one of our wonderful nurses, Brian Law, RN

When asked to write about yourself, it always proves to be a difficult task. You don’t want others to get the wrong impression of you and, as I’ve always found, it is a royal pain just figuring out what to begin with. (So lets keep it simple and start at the beginning… Mostly due to the fact I can’t think of anything more witty to start with!)

I was born 28 years ago in a sunny little town feared by many (mostly due to it’s 120 degree weather) known as Yuma, Arizona. I am a July baby, and as many native Arizonan women know, being pregnant in a town whose weather is known for the immediate evaporation of any form of fluid isn’t an easy task, but somehow mom did it. I spent most of my childhood doing three basic things: 1) Getting into trouble with my “gifted” friends, 2) Playing a major role in my baby brother’s upbringing (in his first 3 years of life he consistently and stubbornly referred to me as “not the momma”), 3) Reading lots and lots of comic books. The heroes that existed in comic books had a huge influence on me. I never really took to their unique sense of fashion, but their dedication to helping others in need was something I seem to really take to heart. The combination of that, and my experience with the upbringing of my baby brother Branden really made it so I wanted to dedicate myself to a career that enabled me to help others.

Knowing that I wanted a career that enabled me to help others was easy. Finding a career that enabled me to help others turned out to be very hard. First and foremost, capes aren’t cheap and honestly makes anyone below 6 feet tall look fat and stumpy. All kidding aside though, I spent years at the University of Arizona searching for my fated career. In high school, I was good at everything and tested very well. In college, I really didn’t excel because I felt lost and not knowing what my ultimate career goals just compounded that feeling. It took a near death experience to help me find what I wanted to do with my life. In the end, all it took was my Mazda truck flipping 5 times and over a quarter of a mile on the I-10 heading east towards Tucson to place me on the right path. I still don’t have any memory about what occurred the 5 hours after the accident but what I do remember clearly is how the nurses at the hospital helped me out. It was seeing those nurses in action that inspired me to join this profession and what fuels me still in this career path. Today, I aim at excelling in this profession and the idea of helping more and more people drives my passion in and for this career and what led to me work at Cottonwood for nearly 3 years now.

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