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I thought I would provide a little update on the new addition to our family, Pounce. Pounce is a beautiful cat that we recently adopted from the Humane Society. She has been living with us for a short time now and seems happy in her new home.

Pounce is the cat that my younger daughter has wanted for a long time. We already have Buddy, a shepherd mix dog and have always had dogs but she convinced us finally that a cat was in order. Pounce’s “home” is my daughter’s room. That is where her food and litter box are and where she sleeps. She likes to sleep up high on the top bunk of my daughter’s bed. She is not too sure about Buddy though and so far avoids him and the places where he likes to be. Pounce has seven toes on each of her front feet so they look like big white mittens. She loves to play, loves tummy rubs and purrs often. Fortunately she doesn’t seem to want to scratch the furniture.

In this picture you can sort of get a look at her adorable big front paws.

Buddy and Pounce provide good therapy for me.

Thought of the day

If you love animals you probably will enjoy the Pixar film Bolt. Bolt tells the story of a dog who believes he is a super hero and the relationship he develops with the worldy wise and cynical cat, Mittens.

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