Teen Marijuana Use Has Doubled

With more states adopting relaxed marijuana laws, it probably comes as little surprise that teenage use of the drug is on the rise. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found that teen tobacco use has dropped by 64 percent, but teen marijuana use has doubled, HealthDay reports. Teen...
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Combination Locks On Pill Bottles

In states rampant with opioid abuse novel programs are being implemented to combat abuse with the hope of saving lives. Many first-time prescription opioid users get their first pill from other people’s medication bottles. A new pilot program in Illinois plans to disrupt that trend by putting locks on prescription bottles, the Associated Press reports....
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Synthetic Marijuana Use On The Rise

The United States has seen a disturbing rise in synthetic marijuana use over the summer, with major cities across the country reporting a surge in overdoses linked to the unpredictable drugs, CNN reports. Poison control centers have already reported 4,377 incidents of synthetic marijuana users experiencing adverse effects this year, an exponential rise from last...
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Teenage Marijuana Use On The Decline

With more and more states adopting lighter stances on marijuana, both medical and recreational, many have had concerns about the effect it would have on teenagers. Medical marijuana has been approved in 23 states and D.C., and recreational use has been legalized in four states – with more expected to follow. While marijuana is considered...
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Arizona Meth Seizures On The Rise

In the last decade it became a lot harder to manufacture methamphetamine in the United States. There was a time when the majority of meth used by Americans was produced in clandestine labs across the country. Efforts to curb the problem came mostly in the form of restrictions on products that contained pseudoephedrine – the...
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Naloxone Proves Crucial Against Opioid Overdoses Once Again

Across America, from small towns to major cities, there is hardly a place that hasn’t felt the sting of the opioid epidemic ravaging families in every demographic. Sadly, efforts to combat prescription drug abuse have led addicts to turn to heroin – a drug that is less expensive and more powerful. Heroin can be found...
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New Methods for Treating Cocaine Addiction

Efforts to develop more effective methods of cocaine addiction treatments are a major focus in the field of recovery. Recovering from cocaine addiction is extremely difficult; and relapse rates are especially high – even after long periods of being drug free. New research suggests that alterations in our DNA which occur during drug withdrawal could...
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Weed 3: The Marijuana Revolution

In August, 2013 CNN aired the renowned Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s first installment of his documentary, simply titled “Weed.” Gupta set out on a journey to better understand marijuana by getting all the facts. The history of the drug in America is long, and while the drug is used more than any other illegal drug in...
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Prenatal Exposure to Cocaine Disrupts Amygdala-Prefrontal Network

It has long been understood that consuming drugs and alcohol while pregnant can have adverse effects on the fetus, such as fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. While each case is different, time and time again exposure to mind altering substances has proven to severely put babies at risk of lifelong problems. New findings from researchers at...
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Salvia May Have the Potential to Treat Addiction

Salvia (Salvia Divinorum) is a plant which has been consumed in religious ceremonies by the Mazatec people of Mexico for centuries. Users connect the plant and its effects with the Virgin Mary, believing that salvia allows them to speak with her. New research on the drug has shown that salvia may have the potential to...
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