Rise In Prescription Opiate Use

The prescription drug epidemic in this country continues to get worse, with more and more people being prescribed powerful narcotics that more often than not, end up in the wrong hands. Overdose deaths and armed robberies are on the rise according to a new analysis by the Associated Press. The Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) new...
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DEA Allowed to Suspend CVS Right to Dispense

In February, the DEA had ordered that the two CVS pharmacies in Florida suspend shipments of controlled drugs due to the high volume of oxycodone that was being dispensed. However, earlier this month, the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, temporarily lifted the DEA’s suspension allowing them to continue business despite the...
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table top setup for meth production

Shake and Bake Meth Burn Victims

Methamphetamine use had been on the decline over the last decade for a number of reasons. The government took certain steps to make it harder to come by the active ingredient pseudoephedrine which can be found in a number of over the counter cold medicines. Organizations like the Meth Project have helped educate people on...
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Rescheduling Hydrocodone Delays Continue

Hydrocodone or Vicodin as it is known best is one of the most abused prescription narcotics available. While it may not be as strong as oxycodone it is still highly addictive and has the potential to take lives. This is why over the last 12 years the federal government, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and...
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Arizona Doctors Worry About Rise in Bath Salt Sales Due to DEA Ban

Next month the DEA will be putting a ban into effect on the controversial “bath salts” until proper research can be conducted on such products. “Bath salts” have made the news several times this year as a result of the spike in emergency room visits related to people’s consumption of the drugs. These are not...
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