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Is Your Teenage Daughter Binge Drinking?

English: Smiling teenage girls. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Do you have a teenage daughter?  Do you ever wonder where she really is when she says she is going out with friends?  Do you keep your cell phone close at hand, just in case she calls or texts you? Do you wait up until she is “safely”...
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Prom Night Pointers For Teens and Parents

Prom Night Do you remember your prom night? Most of us have good memories. Some of us happily participated and some of us stayed home. Some of us shared that night with our “steady”, some shared it with a good friend. Decades ago it was all about picking out a formal dress, maybe borrowing a...
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The Power of Parents

The best role model a child can have regarding the dangers of drugs and alcohol is their parents. Every year countless teenagers get behind the wheel of a car, placing their life and the lives of others in grave danger. Teenagers have the propensity to feel invincible; when alcohol is added to the equation it...
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The Cinnamon Challenge

Experimenting with illicit drugs as well as binge drinking is common amongst teenagers and young adults across the country. Both activities can be extremely dangerous, deadly, and/or can lead to addiction at an early age of life. Most teenagers who start experimenting with drug use and binge drinking were pressured into it by their peers....
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The Cost of Underage Drinking

Underage drinking is a major concern across the country and according to a new report, it can be quite costly. Underage drinking hospitalizations cost an estimated $755 million in the United States each year, according to a new study by the Mayo Clinic. About 40,000 teenagers, ages 15 to 20, were hospitalized in 2008, the...
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The Economy and Addiction

The economy and substance abuse rates have a lot to do with each other; when times are bad people tend to excessively use alcohol and drugs, when times are good people do this less. As we plunge deeper into recession and more people are finding themselves homeless due to foreclosures, people are turning to drugs...
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Romantic Partner's Friends Influence Teen Drinking

It is no secret that peer pressure is a part of teen life; classrooms and teen social gatherings are often breeding grounds for pressuring one’s peers. Who teenagers associate with heavily influences decisions that are made, sometimes in a good way but more often than not in a bad way. It turns out that one’s...
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