Linked: Bariatric Surgery And Alcohol Abuse

Services must accommodate obese people with specialist equipment such as much wider chairs. Bakewell J (2007). “Bariatric furniture: Considerations for use.”. Int J Ther Rehabil (7) : 329–33 . . (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Obesity is a problem in the United States. According to USA Today: “Obesity affects more than one-third of U.S. adults and almost...
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Are You A Friend of Bill W.?

AA Big Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Alcoholics and addicts check-in to treatment centers almost every day of every year. Most receive a gift…The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). For many it is their first introduction to AA and for others it is a re-introduction. It is not unusual for someone to know the exact...
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This Memorial Day Reach Out To Our Veterans

English: Cases of PTSD and Severe Depression Among U.S. Veterans Deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan Between Oct 2001 and Oct 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Monday, May 28th, is Memorial Day. Have you thought about how you might spend the day? Some of us will visit our loved one’s graveside. Maybe it will by that of...
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A Mother’s Day Gift of Sobriety and Recovery

                                   (Photo credit: Wikipedia) This Sunday, May 13, 2012, families across the United States will take the day or a few hours to honor Mothers. While Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world, not all countries celebrate on the...
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Some Reflections on Suffering

In 1911 the pioneering psychoanalyst Carl Jung wrote, “All neurosis is a substitute for genuine suffering.” Jung’s insight of a century ago may have some value for us today since the conditions from which the readers of Together AZ recover – disorders like alcoholism, other chemical and behavioral addictions, depression, anxiety and trauma – are...
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Remembering Dr. Morris E. Chafetz

UPI/NY Times This week we should all take time to remember someone who played a very important role in how the public views addiction. Dr. Morris E. Chafetz played a major role changing the public’s perception; alcoholism went from being a moral failing and social crime to the disease model we know today as a...
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