Study: Examines Stress, Rumination and Depression

How often do you reminisce about your adolescent years?  The word “reminisce” infers a pleasant experience. Don’t you think? Consider meeting with childhood friends, paging through scrapbooks, attending a family reunion…or just daydreaming about days gone by. We might recall great teachers, school plays, dances, sporting events, and graduations. But for as many wonderful memories...
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Study: “Cool” Kids Seem To Struggle With Adulthood

The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Every generation has their “cool” kids… It’s true. If you think back to your own grammar and high-school days there might be certain classmates that you thought of as “cool.” Maybe you even wanted to be one of the “cool” kids. Perhaps secretly you liked...
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Teenage Girls: Depression Rates Rising

Adolescence: the transitional period between puberty and adulthood in human development, extending mainly over the teen years and terminating legally when the age of majority is reached. ( The operative word in this definition is transitional. We talk about our children “going through” adolescence, as if it were a quiet walk in the park. We...
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