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Benefits of Art Therapy

Our souls respond to art, even if we don’t believe we’re creative in any way. Because of this, art therapy is often a good holistic approach for maintaining sobriety. It allows you to experience emotion, relay perceptions, find peace, and explore new ideas. The human relationship with art is integrated into our very being. Think...
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Keeping a Meditation Journal

A meditation practice can help you manage a number of aspects in life. Whether you need a moment of calm in an otherwise busy day or have a deeper intention for cultivating stillness, meditating provides a safe space. When someone “practices” meditation, he or she is continually learning. It’s a never-ending journey, with many pivotal...
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How Yoga Helps Recovery

The most progressive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction addresses the whole person, not just the disease. Most effective continuance of care plans include holistic modalities that help the goal to improve an individual’s mind, body, and spirit. A regular yoga practice is one of the most popular ways to foster this internal connection. Statistics from...
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Choosing to Share Your Addiction Story

One of the hardest aspects of pursuing life without addiction is determining how much to share with others. There are many situations when it’s evident you’re following a different path. It’s important to remember that ownership over your recovery story gives you agency to understand what the truth means to you, what questions you’ll answer...
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The White Elephant

The White Elephant   The term white elephant refers to a large obstacle that one tries to get around. It also means that there is a big issue that everyone is aware of but chooses to ignore. The white elephant in the room has been used in substance abuse treatment and recovery to describe the...
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What Is the Connection Between Spirituality and Recovery?

What Is the Connection Between Spirituality and Recovery?   Many people begin recovery and do not know what spirituality is even though those in 12-step meetings talk about it and others talk openly about their relationship with their higher power. What does this mean for you? If you are not a religious person, an understanding...
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How Do I Mourn the Loss of Drugs or Alcohol?

How Do I Mourn the Loss of Drugs or Alcohol? It may seem strange but when an alcoholic or drug addict stops the use of drugs or alcohol, there is a period of mourning that occurs.  The mourning has to do with the loss of a friend that has stood by you for months or...
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8 Ways Life Will Change After Going to Treatment

Following treatment, one can begin to experience positive changes in physical, emotional, and psychological health.  Here are eight ways life can change following treatment. 1.    You will experience emotional regulation.  Your emotions will be less exaggerated and you might feel that you have some control over your emotions.  This is an important consideration because when...
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Yoga Practice for Addiction Recovery

Regular yoga practice teaches practitioners to be mindful of the present moment. Novice yoga practitioners will frequently exhibit skepticism or defensiveness when they are instructed to be “mindful” of their surroundings and circumstances. The challenge of getting past this skepticism can be even more difficult for an addict whose addiction has fostered an ingrained negativity....
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What Does Taking an Integrative Approach to Treatment Mean?

To integrate means to unify separate things. For many years mental health has been seen as purely mental health, ignoring the possibility that what happens in the brain could affect any other area of life. The brain is the epicenter of life, the hub of everything that makes a human a human. In the brain...
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