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I would like from time to time introduce you to my colleagues and co-workers. We have the best staff that I have ever been involved with and I am proud and honored to work these very caring people. Today I would like to introduce our Therapeutic Fitness Consultant Deb Tobias.

Hi! I am Deb Tobias.

Growing up in the trees of Upstate New York with five brothers, one sister and eventually a single, hard working mother, left me with many hours and days of exploration, solitude, acceptance and patience. What my teachers labeled as day dreaming was actually me observing those around me. How they reacted, how they thought and how they moved. I spent many hours observing how the human spirit affected ourselves and those around us. I spent many years and still do, observing what kind of impact negativity, unhappiness and imbalances have on ourselves and those we love so dearly. Shortly after attending Business school and working for Corporate America, I realized that I hadn’t navigated my own life very well in finding my life purpose and happiness. I perused my dream of helping people discover how strong they truly are both mind and body.

Everyday at Cottonwood I come back to my “roots”. I see people struggle with diversity, addiction and searching for a purpose and a reason. We are all one big family on earth and we must help each other and our environment. We cannot do this without love, tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance and self awareness. I have been very blessed by God in my life with two beautiful daughters and my other children, my dogs, Lucky and Zoey. I have also been blessed with a wonderful job at Cottonwood de Tucson where I get to share, explore and help navigate individuals toward a beautiful life of balance. Personal Training is not just about working a muscle. The connection between mind and body is so significant that you cannot move one without the other. This is true in the Gym and it is true in life. I am so very happy and blessed to share in helping individual’s everyday find the connection and truly start down the path of finding their higher power and life’s purpose. Everyday is a gift and every step is a step towards health, peace and joy.

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